Friday, December 29, 2006

Moving on Up

I just moved here, so I wanted write a first test blog.

I was posting on another site, that I will not name, when I realized that I was writing to an impossibly select audience made up of 10 friends, tweens, and bots selling me dates and things to enlarge parts of my body.

Fed up, I figured I would go to this place and try somewhat more serious writing. I know there must be tens of thousands of people who write and post on this site daily, but I want to crack my knuckles and take my chances.

It is hard to figure what would be the right forum for screaming out into the cacophony of the Internet, but since I recognized all the templates offered on this site from various other posters I enjoyed reading, I say, what the hey? If everyone else is doing it, it must be right, and there is no argument I have ever heard against that idea.

What is that? A meeting at the bridge this weekend? I am so there!

There are some ground rules I am setting for myself:

1) Humor will be involved in even the most serious of observations. Except for this one.

2) I will do everything in my power to check my spelling and grammar, and if I fail, it was not for lack of trying. Conjunctions will be kept at minimum, and I will never tpe lke tis r LKE TIS

3) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is not allowed, also.

4) I will change themes often.

5) I will switch up the writing style often, but try not to lose my voice.

6) I will not write daily, because then I would be spending all my time writing, and therefore, have no life, and therefore, nothing to write about.

7) I can not take blogging too seriously. I mean, it is blogging. (see #1)

8) I will cite, and cite, and cite anything I try to state as fact.

9) I will make 10 rules.

10) Evolve or die. Or do not evolve, and pretty much the same thing.

Whew. Where does the time go? I'm going to listen to rule #6 now and live a little, so I have something to write about.