Friday, January 12, 2007

Hottest, Hottest, Hottest

"Wacky Weather" Is Deadly Global Heating
by Glenn Barry

"Global warming is not a slow, gentle, pleasant rise in temperatures to be savored. It is an abrupt fundamental breakdown in the Earth System's climate sub-system that threatens the Earth's, humanity's and your family's ability to live. It is not enough to blame the weather on El Ninño, which itself can be and is exacerbated by climate change. As climate change continues, unabated by systematic policy responses, and "wacky weather" becomes more prevalent, we can expect immediately budding trees to die from later frosts, agriculture to struggle to define growing seasons, pest insects to multiply, and ecosystems to deteriorate and die. "

A great deal of us in the Northeast are going to be told that the current warm weather is an El Nino effect, which, partially true, does not account for the extremely temperature anomally we have been experiencing for the past few months. We have been through El Nino effects before, and while those winters had been generally mild, they next had multiple weeks of 55F in a row. Even if El Nino is partially to blame for the higher than normal temperatures, no one cannot deny that last year was the warmest one on record, which beats the previous record of 2005, which beats the previous records. 2004 was the fourth hottest year on record. Seeing the trend? No? Here's an idea, jump off a cliff towards a row of jagged rocks, and when one pierces your head, we'll then know what it takes to get through to you and solve a problem in long run.

"Don't believe me? Walk outside right now - see or feel anything different? Are the trees blooming in the middle of winter as they are in Washington, DC, and New York? Is there a lack of snow as in Minnesota and Europe, while other areas like Colorado get dumped upon? Are the rains failing as with Australia's "Big Dry?" So much of the global ecological system's processes and patterns that provide the life-giving context for human civilization have been lost and changed, and it continues to intensify. Essentially, no natural processes are assured as a very different Planet emerges: climate patterns, water supplies, ocean fisheries, soil fertility, terrestrial ecosystem energy and nutrient cycling are all in doubt."

If we assume that you have not jumped off that cliff I was talking about earlier, what's do? I can not think of anything. Period. I really can not. Oh, I know there are things that can be done. We can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels in many different ways, spearhead changes in our consumer economy and our everday lives. These are things that can be done, but I assure you, noone will do it.

George Orwell once pointed out in his insightful work 1984, only the proles (the underclass of his dystopian future) had the numbers and therefore the power, to effect a truly revolutionary change. But this was never a fear, since for the proles to effect revolution, they would have to undergo a revolution themselves. For the proles to do this, there would have a to be a revolution in their thinking. That tautology is in effect right now. We, the people, in our glorious diversity, are the only one's who could effect a change.

Because I have no idea how to effect a paradigm shift in mass thought, I know people way smarter than me, who can not either, I am not sure why I keep writing this stuff and thinking about this mess. Part of me just does not want to fool myself into believing the hype like I did so many years before. Every time it snows, or the temperature dips below 40 for a day, people seem to believe "oh, this is just a temporary thing, no reason to get alarmed, I will just go about doing what I am doing."

We will come to a point where the possibility of naive ignorance is no longer possible. What will people think then? Probably something like "wow, this is what it is like to die from starvation!"

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