Sunday, March 11, 2007


If you do not already know, the esteemed listener supported, free form station of the nation, WFMU is having its second week of annual fund drives. For people who like music, and think all radio seems to just plain suck, WFMU will change your thinking. Give WFMU a week and you are bound to find something you like, even love, and you are guaranteed to hear something you never heard before. For people in the New York/Jersey Area, you can listen to the station on 91.1 or 90.1 FM, but if you do not, go to and listen on the web to their live stream, or to dip into the largest archives of online radio probably ever assembled.

If you like the music you hear, give. If you love what you hear, give even more.

So go and pledge a few bucks to support something that really is unique. Plus, if you are generous, this station gives back.

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