Monday, November 17, 2008

I am continuing to practice my computer coloring, so while each of these works is done digitally, I will admit, they are fairly amateur. After deciding that I wanted to illustrate in color, I looked towards the machine, not because I believe in some sorta "the computer will conquer all" view of art, but, it was way cheaper and less messier for me than paint. I will admit, that I miss some aspect of painting, but using dangerous chemicals like mineral oil, I won't shed a tear over.


Mike said...

Nick! Great drawing on this one, man. You know who does the best computer coloring in my opinion? Sarah Dyer, who did coloring on all of the Evan Dorkin stuff for the past 15+ years. Check out the covers to "Dork" and later issues of "Milk and Cheese" for fully swipe-able material. You still need to draw something for a music project for me!

urshrew said...

I'll check Sarah's stuff out, because I'm curious about her contributions, especially in the realms of "Dork," one of my favorite comics.